Barre on Demand

Enjoy Barre from the comfort of your own home

We'd love to have you join us in person however we know that isn't always an option especially if you're not based in Cambridge or our timetable doesn't suit your needs. 

This is when online works best! 

Online Live Class & Membership Options

Casual Zoom Class

$10 for one-off class

Join us live with zoom for a 45 minute barre class. 

Can be used for all live zoom classes.

Only valid for our live zoom classes, cannot be used in studio. 

Online On Demand Membership

Online Only - $18 per week
Unlimited access to our library with over 200 recorded barre classes.

Automatic payments to go out weekly.

Only valid for our prerecorded online classes, cannot be used for live zoom classes, in studio, or for workshops. 

Benefits of Online Classes

There are so many benefits of online barre including being fantastic for those coming back from injury or haven't done exercise for some time. Simply pause the class as many times as you need to suit your personal needs and then restart the video when it works for you. 

  • You do not need any barre equipment to do these workouts
  • Workouts are only 40 minutes
  • Supplement your studio classes with more at home
  • Workouts can be done as part of the community at designated times OR watched afterwards in your own time
  • Subscriptions can be canceled at any time

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