We are sad to announce that our studio will now be closed for the rest of Term 1 due to COVID-19

We will be offering online classes moving forward that can be done as a community together and to watch later when the time suits you. More information on this coming soon.

We thank you so much for your ongoing support and really truely are sorry it has come to this. We know how important movement and community is in a time like this so will do our best to offer as many options as we can going forward.

- Liora & Catlyn

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Why hello there lovely

We are leading the next generation of women who unapologetically dare to dream, flourish, and succeed. We preach collaboration over competition. Bringing together the dreamers and achievers to light a spark from within to rise together. We aim to inspire you to be brave, bold, confident, and full of self love. We are here for you, but we want also you to show up for yourself. Because you deserve a life of passion, purpose, and fulfilment. You are worthy of so much more. Welcome home, lovely. 

Strength Connection Wellness

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