What is barre?

Barre fitness is a hybrid of ballet inspired movements, combined with the stretch elements of yoga and the core strength of pilates. Barre fitness uses the support of the ballet barre itself, therefore offers great stability and balance for the elderly or pregnant. 
Life takes us out of balance. Sitting, driving, spending hours typing on a keyboard-all of this creates an imbalance in the body, giving us slumped shoulders, a rounded spine, and a lopsided stance. When our body is shaped this way it can’t function properly, and everything we do-including exercise-exacerbates the problem.

That’s why finding balance is at the core of what we do. It starts with our workouts: Every Barre class works strategically to build strength and flexibility for optimal body balance and improved posture. Your Barre practice will give you proportion in the body that is shapely and attractive.* But body balance is more than losing weight and building muscle tone. 
When we stand tall with ease, a positive chain of benefits happens beyond what we see in the mirror. With body balance comes improved digestion, increased energy, minimised risk of injury, a clear mind, and a healthier and happier way of life.
*Results may vary

Strength, Wellness, Connection

Everything we do at Flourish aims to bring balance to these core values. The result? A killer workout that strengthens and tones your body and a community that supports your life.

Class Schedule

I've booked in, what's next?

Massive congratulations for booking into your first class! You will receive a confirmation email for your class from our booking system.

Before your first class we ask that you arrive a few moments early to fill out a quick form if you haven't filled it in online first.

Come in comfortable workout clothing (tights and a loose top, crop top, singlet, whatever floats your boat!). We workout with bare feet unless you have grippy socks (which you can also purchase from us). Then just bring a towel for floor work, a water bottle, an open mind and a smile!


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