Barre Classes with Flourish

What is Barre?

Did you know Flourish is the biggest barre studio in Cambridge? Come see why this award winning studio is winning hearts all over town.

Barre fitness is a hybrid of ballet inspired movements, combined with the stretch elements of yoga and the core strength of pilates. Barre fitness uses the support of the ballet barre itself, therefore offers great stability and balance for the elderly or pregnant. 

Barre Waikato


Level: Beginner
An energetic, fun, intro to what barre is all about.

Our beginner class perfect for those starting out or taking things slow. Don't be fooled, you'll still leave knowing you had a great workout. Foundation Barre fuses ballet barre (French for 'bar') conditioning exercises with Pilates, yoga, and functional, body-weight training.

Who this class is best for:
This class is suitable for anybody. There are plenty of levelled options for beginners, pre & post natal, and plenty of opportunities to push yourself if you're ready.


Waikato Barre Classes


Level: Intermediate
Feel strong, toned and graceful all at once.

This is an intermediate level class focusing on toning and form. Beginners and pre-natal are welcome! Our tone class is low impact and comprises interval training and isometric exercises to reshape and sculpt your body.

Who this class is best for:
This class is great for anyone wanting to build strength and tone (without getting bulky!) It's challenging but we think you can handle it.


Cambridge Barre Classes


Level: Advanced
High-intensity interval training at the barre.

This is our advanced class option. You will sweat, smile, and feel fantastic by the end of it. Cardio Barre is sure to get your heart rate up and leave you glowing. (Please note: We don't recommend this class if you are a beginner.)

Who this class is best for:
This class is designed for those our clients who are ready to take the next step with their barre fitness!


Pilates in St Kilda


Level: Intermediate / Advanced
Taking your cardio workout to a new level while building strength.

This class is a power fusion class here to elevate your strength with Pilates and  Barre fundamentals. Achieve sculpted muscles, core stability, and total-body strength through this dynamic class, blending the precision of Pilates and grace of Barre with strength training principles.

Experience progressive overload, expert guidance, and intentional movements for noticeable gains. Suitable for all fitness levels. Challenge your body, enhance endurance, and flourish with us.

Who this class is best for:
For those who want to maximize their workout with minimum time.


Life takes us out of balance. Sitting, driving, spending hours typing on a keyboard-all of this creates an imbalance in the body, giving us slumped shoulders, a rounded spine, and a lopsided stance. When our body is shaped this way it can’t function properly, and everything we do-including exercise-exacerbates the problem.

That’s why finding balance is at the core of what we do. It starts with our workouts: Every Barre class works strategically to build strength and flexibility for optimal body balance and improved posture. Your Barre practice will give you proportion in the body that is shapely and attractive.* But body balance is more than losing weight and building muscle tone. 
When we stand tall with ease, a positive chain of benefits happens beyond what we see in the mirror. With body balance comes improved digestion, increased energy, minimised risk of injury, a clear mind, and a healthier and happier way of life.
*Results may vary


$50 for 2-weeks unlimited classes.

Want to try all our different classes to see what we really have to offer? Then this is the deal for you! 

Take advantage of our first-timer deal. 2 weeks for $50 - try as many classes as you wish! Always wanted to try barre, pilates, or yoga but have yet to book in for your first class? Now is the time to take advantage of this amazing deal!


Flourish offers a melding of slow & conscious movement, flow, cardio, strengthening, mindfulness and connection, as well as monthly community events and special workshops featuring guest hosts. 


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