Holistic Bodywork to experience a deep sense of relaxation in body and mind.

What is Holistic Bodywork?

Your body tells a unique story. Erin is here as your guide to tune in and sense what your body has been holding on to and gently navigate your journey within, where you can safely feel, express and release.

Together we can build up your capacity to breathe and feel into the healing power of presence and the wisdom of your own knowing, to open new ways of being in your body and your life.

While clothed on a comfortable massage table, you will receive a blend of acupressure, craniosacral balancing, reflexology, joint release, and gentle rocking to soothe your nervous system, bringing you into easeful alignment and a felt sense of returning home to yourself.


Erin is available for appointments Monday, Tuesday, Thursday and Sunday or by special arrangement.


10:30am & 12:30pm







Each session lasts 90 minutes. We recommend you dress comfortably for you to lay down for the session: loose, non-restrictive wear.

We also offer gift vouchers to give the gift of healing.

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About Erin

Erin offers a trauma-informed approach, with over 15 years’ experience in polarity therapy and yoga teaching, including a background in mental health and wellbeing.

Her transformational journeys weave together breathwork, movement, energy healing, bodywork, sound, and meditative states so you can experience a deep sense of relaxation in body and mind and notice old patterns shifting.

For those seeking a way through personal questioning or turmoil, or to deepen spiritual practice, Erin’s intuitive support offers a powerful release of held tensions and reconnection back to all parts of yourself.

What others have to say:

...now feel more connected with my whole self

"Erin’s warm, authentic energy and intuitive guidance have been a catalyst for personal growth and change in my life. I now feel more connected with my whole self, my sense of self- worth has strengthened and I am overall more aware and accepting."
Nicki Murdoch

...offers genuine care and compassion

"Erin is a wise soul who walks the talk. She has healing hands and offers genuine care and compassion. A winning combination of feeling like a heavy weight has been lifted, with a renewed sense of aliveness and excitement for the possibilities that lay ahead."
Jwan Milek

...deeply relaxing, powerful and rejuvenating

“Erin’s presence and touch seemed to reach something in me that had not been held before! It was deeply relaxing, powerful and rejuvenating. I felt so many tingles wash through, and my body has felt more aligned, supported and clear ever since. Erin can perceive what few know how to recognize."
Lysa Black

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