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Choose from a selection of workouts that awakens every muscle in the body, topped off with meditation and mindfulness ensuring a total mind and body transformation.


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What our customers have to say

Many thanks for supporting me to continue Barre classes even when I can’t come to the studio, that has meant a lot to me….

I’m not exaggerating when I say that this is the first time in my life that I have had an exercise practice that I can commit to – you have really kept my motivation up.
Heidi M.


Flourish offers a melding of slow & conscious movement, flow, cardio, strengthening, mindfulness and connection, as well as monthly community events and special workshops featuring guest hosts. 


$50 for 2-weeks unlimited classes.

Want to try all our different classes to see what we really have to offer? Then this is the deal for you! 

Take advantage of our first-timer deal. 2 weeks for $50 - try as many classes as you wish! Always wanted to try barre, pilates, or yoga but have yet to book in for your first class? Now is the time to take advantage of this amazing deal!

Strengthen your body through movement, connection with yourself and community, and look after your wellness.

Cambridge locals loving our classes

What the Community is Saying

We asked our members what they love most about attending barre. 

"Flourish is an incredibly beautiful space that leaves you feeling so much better than when you walked in. You always feel so refreshed after a class- the instructors are all amazing and so are the people who go. So happy to be part of such a great community"
Rebekah C

Flourish Journal

Read about upcoming events, product features, about our classes, delicious recipes, and all about wellbeing in our journal.

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Yoga: The Fountain of Youth

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Recipe: Zucchini Loaf

Some of you may have tried this zucchini loaf  in the studio when Liora made it a couple of weeks back. It's a super easy to follow recipe and is a great way to use up those summer zucchini that areRead more

Ignite Your Energy

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Men's Guide to Pilates and Yoga: Flourish Studio Welcomes You

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Miel des Collines

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Winter Solstice at Flourish

with Sandra from House of Florence at Flourish  Relax, enjoy, and create your own FLORA fragrant soy container candles in this workshop with Sandra from House of Florence. In this workshop, SanrdaRead more

New Salt Lab Spray for Kids

Salt Lab understands the importance of nurturing your family's health and happiness and that's why they've carefully curated a magnesium spray designed specifically for their needs. Our KidsRead more

Give the Gift of Flourish

At Flourish, we practice conscious retailing, making sure every product we create or source meets at least one of the following criteria: 

  • Leaders in Sustainability
  • Female Owned & Operated
  • Give Back
  • Built For Performance

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