Flourish Studio FAQs

Where is the new Flourish Studio?

We are in the heart of St. Kilda, right next door to the St. Kilda Cafe & Bistro, where The Shop was. The exact address is: 19A Kaniera Terrace, St Kilda, Cambridge

What classes do you offer?

We offer an assortment of barre, pilates, and yoga. All of our classes are low impact fitness classes. We have a wide assortment classes from beginner to advance to suit all needs.

Can I attend all classes?

Yes! That is the beauty of this new studio. You can attend all classes, by all different instructors all under one roof & booking system. Your concession cards and memberships allow you to access all our classes with ease.

Can I attend multiple classes?

Absolutely! Come to as many classes as you like with your membership / concession cards. It may be that you wish to attend a more athletic class early in the morning and then follow up with a restorative yoga class in the evening. The world is your oyster!

Do you have a timetable?

Yes! Click here to see our current timetable.

We pride ourselves on offering a wide assortment of class times to suit those on split shifts, young kids, working from home, etc.

Classes are available from early morning (6am) to late in the evening post bath time at 7:30pm and everywhere in between!

Do I need to have a membership?

Not at all. Our memberships are specifically designed for those intending to attend 2+ classes a week. We have done this intentionally as a best value for money option.

  • Casual class $25 per class

  • Concession cards $230 for 10 classes

So you can see instantly that if you do 2 classes a week, you're paying the same as two clicks off your concession card with the option to attend more that week if you want 'for free'.

How do concession cards work

Our concession cards are all automatically tracked through our booking system PunchPass. They will tick your 10 classes off for you and send you an email to let you know when you only have 2 classes left or if it's due to expire.

Our concession cards are valid for 4 months from date of first use (not date of purchase).  Our concession cards can be used for all classes on our regular timetable at Flourish.

Am I locked into a contract?

Absolutely not. If at any point you wish to cancel your membership we simply require 4 weeks notice. To terminate your membership we require an email confirming the date you wish to finish with us.

There is also no minimum term to sign up.

Can I pause my membership?

Yes! If you're planning on going away or need to pause for any reason, you can have up to 6 weeks a year to put memberships on hold.

Is there a late cancel or no show fee?

Due to being a boutique size studio we ask that if you have to cancel a class, you give 4 hours notice or there is a fee.

To those on membership the fee of $10 is taken automatically. To those on a concession card or casual pass it uses your class pass.

If you do not cancel your class and are a no show, there is a $20 fee.


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