At Flourish we want you feeling good all the time, not just when you're in the studio.

At FLourish we are a lifestyle designer

Business and Lifestyle Designer

Liora is on a mission to create a community of likeminded women giving energy and confidence back into you and your business through design and wellness/health coaching.

After starting her own health journey 15 years ago, Liora now loves taking her learnings about nutrition, using supplements and exercise to help others feel their best. Apart from offering Barre classes around Cambridge and Hamilton in the Waikato, Liora also is a health and wellness coach to likeminded individuals around the world.

The buzz is contagious

Liora attended her first barre class in the US, where she fell in love with the workout and instant community feeling.

Liora observed how the new fitness workout rose quickly in popularity in the US, proved popular in Auckland, yet when she moved to the Waikato, she could not find a gym or class to attend herself therefore saw the opportunity to become a Barre instructor, becoming certified in May 2017.

Liora originally started classes both in Cambridge and in Hamilton in March 2018, but due to the logistics of storing and moving the barre equipment. Flourish adopted quickly with the COVID-19 regulations and started offering online classes. Classes are now available at our new studio at Fill Good and online.

Awesome atmosphere at Flourish NZ

Remember, just like cocktails, avocados and kindness, wellness is worth making some time for.


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