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From Liora, Founder of Flourish and Barre & Pilates Instructor

Liora is on a mission to create a community of likeminded women giving energy and confidence back into you and your business through design and wellness/health coaching.

After starting her own health journey 15 years ago, Liora now loves taking her learnings about nutrition, using supplements and exercise to help others feel their best. Apart from offering Barre classes around Cambridge and Hamilton in the Waikato, Liora also is a health and wellness coach to likeminded individuals around the world.


Liora attended her first barre class in the US, where she fell in love with the workout and instant community feeling.

Liora observed how the new fitness workout rose quickly in popularity in the US, proved popular in Auckland, yet when she moved to the Waikato, she could not find a gym or class to attend herself therefore saw the opportunity to become a Barre instructor, becoming certified in May 2017.

Liora originally started classes both in Cambridge and in Hamilton in March 2018, renting out different studio spaces. In May 2022, Liora opened her own studio, Flourish Studio located in the picturesque St Kilda. The new studio not only offers a variety of barre classes but it also now caters to those wanting pilates and yoga as well.

Awesome atmosphere at Flourish NZ

Meet your Flourish Instructors


Erin is the owner of Flourish and has always been curious about the deeper layers of people and is a continuous learner of Eastern and Western philosophies.

As a previous psychology graduate, Youthline counselor, mental health and human resources worker, Erin has bridged the gap between the inner and outer worlds.

Erin is an IYTA diploma qualified and Yoga Alliance accredited Yoga Teacher with a Certificate 4 in Polarity Therapy from Nature Care College in Sydney and a 9D Breathwork Facilitator. She loves weaving together her blend of intuitive movement, breath, sound, touch, and meditative states to enable people to go within and experience the power of presence. Nourishing and transformative holistic bodywork is now available at the studio.

A proud mother of 3 teenagers, Erin is at home in the kitchen and in the water, particularly enjoying surfing the wild waves of Raglan.




Liora is our founder and moved to NZ from California in 2007.

Liora hasn't always had a loving relationship with exercise, apart from trying her hand at Waterpolo in High School Liora hadn't stepped into a gym or studio until the age of 23. After a serious back injury, she learned to love Yoga to help rehabilitate and soon became addicted to the benefits of exercise. 

Fast forward to 2017 when Liora became a certified barre instructor and not soon after wanted to share with the rest of Cambridge just how great this form of excise can be. Expanding her knowledge base Liora is now also certified in pre-post natal, aging populations, mobility, and a wide range of specialty barre and pilates practices.

When Liora isn't in the studio you can either find her being creative behind the computer or in the kitchen. She is a proud cat mother of 2 and lives with her kiwi husband.




Marisa's background in training, she became qualified as a Personal Trainer and Yoga Teacher in 2014.

From the day she could run, she has been into exercising and playing sports, she was never one to sit still for too long.

She decided to become a PT because she wanted to turn her passion into helping others, at the same time she started her yoga training with a dear friend of mine who was a yoga teacher of 30 years.

Marisa didn't practice yoga in her earlier years but she wishes she had, as it has changed her life for the better. Her practices have been in Iyenga, Hatha, Vinyasa and Ashtanga, she loves them all, and her certificate of qualification is in Hatha.

She acknowledges that movement and keeping active has helped her immensely with her own physical and mental health.

When not in the studio you can usually find Marisa being active with her other hobbies including golf, mountain biking, and swimming. She has 2 beautiful grown-up children and a loving supportive partner.


Meet Racquel - TONE BARRE


Meet Racquel, our newest Barre instructor who is no stranger to the fitness world. Racquel has always been an avid fitness enthusiast and has tried her hand at various forms of exercise over the years. She was even an Olympian in Track Cycling in 2016. After her retirement from Professional sport, she felt a little lost and it wasn't until she discovered Barre that she truly found her newest passion.

Racquel is particularly passionate about teaching new people, as she believes that Barre is a fantastic way for people to improve their fitness and overall well-being, regardless of their previous experience.

Racquel is always up for a challenge and loves to push her students to their limits in a supportive and encouraging way. She is constantly coming up with new and creative routines to keep her classes fresh and exciting.

When she's not teaching Barre classes, Racquel can usually be found at her work as a Financial Advisor, exploring the great outdoors with her dogs & husband, or being a total couch potato (because rest is important, too!)


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Remember, just like cocktails, avocados and kindness, wellness is worth making some time for.


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