Mindfulness Dice


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Mindfulness is proven to help people find peace and balance, and these dice offer valuable practices in an accessible format. This fun-to-use, all-levels package provides anyone everything they need to begin to bring balance, focus, and calm to everyday life.

This fun-to-use, interactive set of six dice makes it easy to practice mindfulness in daily life for anyone looking for more peace and balance.Mindfulness Dice includes 36 soothing practices and thousands of possible combinations. 

Whether at home, work, or on the go, Mindfulness Dice makes it easy to find moments of peace, awareness, and joy—with a simple roll of the dice anyone can discover simple meditations, mantras, and exercises for calm and clarity.Delivered in an eye-catching, colorful box filled with six beautiful wooden, color-coded dice plus an instructional booklet, this is a great gift for anyone looking for some relief from the stresses of daily life.

Perfect for: 

  • People who love Calm the Chaos, Two Minute Mornings, and Mindfulness Cards
  • People interested in personal growth and mindful living, 
  • Families who want to practice mindfulness at home

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