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5 ways to balance your cortisol levels

5 practical ways to balance your cortisol levels.

Cortisol levels increase in times of stress but that doesn't make it a bad hormone. In the right amounts and at the right times, cortisol plays many important roles in the body and is crucial for good health.

Here's how you can keep your stress and cortisol levels balanced

  1. Keep your blood sugar levels stable. Eating regular meals with a source of protein helps to prevent spikes in stress hormones.

    Try one of our protein shakes or bars available in the studio for a convenient source of protein to eat throughout your day.

  2. Mind your movement. If high-intensity exercise is your jam, try to allow at least 48-hours recovery time between sessions.

    Try alternating your Flourish classes between a mellow yoga & pilates class with our other offerings.

  3. Get some high quality B-Vitamins on board. Both B5 and B6 are particularly important for a healthy stress response.

  4. Minimise your caffeine intake. If you're a coffee drinker, aim for just one coffee each day - after breakfast or before midday.

  5. Up your magnesium. Also known as the 'relaxation' mineral', magnesium helps to calm the nervous system and is often depleted in times of stress.

    Try our Salt Lab spray sold both in studio and online. An easy form of adding more magnesium into your everyday routine and great for those who don't enjoy swallowing vitamins.


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