New Salt Lab Spray for Kids

Introducing new sleep saviour

Salt Lab understands the importance of nurturing your family's health and happiness and that's why they've carefully curated a magnesium spray designed specifically for their needs. Our Kids Magnesium Spray is here to make wellness a playful and enjoyable experience for your children.

Here's a q&a session with founder Clementine to get the inside knowledge and understand the difference between the Salt Lab original range and the new kids' Magnesium spray.


  1. Why a kids' Magnesium Spray?

This has been our most requested product since starting Salt Lab, I wanted to ensure parents felt safe and at ease when choosing to use Magnesium Oil on their little ones. While you can use the original oil on your little ones and it is completely safe, it's a strong formula and the tingle or itch deterred some parents. So, after this feedback, I knew I needed to support parents choosing to walk a new path of natural products with their little ones, and so our kids' oil was born!


  1. Can you tell us the key difference between the ‘original’ and the kids' product?

Our kids' formula is a much more gentle formula, allowing parents to apply oil on more sensitive areas to address issues they are facing, like legs for growing pains.


  1. What are some benefits of using magnesium on kids?

Ah where to start, all the benefits we as adults experience from using magnesium kids do also. Magnesium is a mineral kids burn through at a rapid pace, their growing bodies draw on it all day every day. Not to mention, stresses like separation at daycare and school, navigating friendships and hormonal shifts, all of these things deplete our little ones' magnesium stores. In our modern diet, our food doesn’t hold the same level of nutrients it once did, put simply we cannot get the levels of magnesium from our foods the way we use to. So by the time our kids are showing restless periods of sleep, growing pains, grinding teeth, behaviour issues, and night terrors - often it is their body calling out for this magic mineral.

Just like it is essential for us as adults, it is essential for the little ones also. In my opinion, getting magnesium into them before any major issues or years of depletion is the greatest gift you can give them.


  1. How should we use it? (And can we give kids too much magnesium?)

Simply apply 2-3 sprays to their feet and stomach as part of their bedtime routine. Find what works for you, if my kids are really wired I like to apply before dinner to help them wind down and calm their nervous system easing into bedtime. You can also apply just before bed, I always encourage parents to find what works for their kids. You can spray directly to their knees if they are experiencing growing pains too.

The best thing about the topical spray is our bodies self-regulate, they absorb what they need so you cannot ‘overdo it’. I will spray my kids during the day if there are tummy aches or sore knees etc. It is really a resource you can turn to for most things.


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