How to fight the 3pm slump

Do you suffer from the 3pm slump?

Sunlight, artificial light, nutrition, exercise, and caffeine all impact our body clock - meaning our energy levels rise and fall throughout the day.

Read on to see how these 3 easy tricks can help combat the slump.

Essential oils are most commonly used for aromatherapy purposes, all possessing unique properties with a number of health and lifestyle benefits. Next time you are feeling tired, try using some essential oils or some incense for energy and vitality.

For an energy lift try using scents like peppermint or lemon.

Move your body
It's no secret we love movement at Flourish, and the power of movement on energy levels, focus, physical and mental function, and general wellness. Try 10 minutes of movement during your lunch break to get the blood flowing.

We have plenty of classes on offer or try one of our online videos, alternatively go for a walk around the block!

Breathwork is another way to calm your mind, reconnect your focus and feel revitalised. The best part, all your need is yourself! Spend five minutes practicing your breathing - think breathing deep from within your core, ensuring you are allowing full breaths in and out.


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