The colder season is upon us!

Top Tips to Staying Healthy and Active

Up your nutrient-rich foods

Include more nutrient-rich foods in your diet during any change of season. A basic guide to this is any vegetable that has a strong taste or vibrant colour the higher the nutrients.

Keep Hydrated

Keeping your fluids up for exercise is important all year round, but even more so when things start cooling down. Dehydration is a key factor when it comes to heat illnesses, so help your body sweat and cool down by drinking plenty of water. If your planning on pushing the boundaries with your training you should consider drinking high-quality electrolytes to help replace the vitamins, electrolytes and water lost during intense workouts.

Track the Temperature

Don’t underestimate the importance of keeping a close eye on the weather forecast to plan your sessions appropriately. Preparation and planning are crucial in all aspects of a health and wellness journey and tracking the temperature each day will play a big role in keeping you healthy.

Dress Accordingly

It wouldn’t make much sense to wear your cold weather workout clothes when the sun is shining. Lightweight and loose-fitting clothing help evaporate sweat and keep you cooler when training this spring. Brighten up your day by avoiding dark colours which absorb heat and as always, it’s important to be sun smart regardless of how hot or cold it is.

Get to Know Your Body

We all have to start somewhere, but make sure you have a good understanding of your fitness level and tolerance to heat so you don’t overstep the mark and put your health in danger.


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