The complicated houseplant

Humans are just like a complicated houseplant - we require sunshine and water.

As someone who worked from home for a few years, I know the struggles of being at home! Some of my great tips:

  • Limit your coffee intake, have the one in the morning but then switch to water
  • Try to stick to your regular meal routine...avoid snacking all day. It's extremely important to remember to have well balanced meals
  • Try going for a walk in the morning and then entering through your front door, does wonders to trick the brain that you're about to 'start your day'
  • Movement! It's easy to sit at the computer all day as you have no one in the office to go over and talk to. 
  • Set a timer on your phone to get up every hour and either do a lap of the house, maybe some push ups, or put a load of washing out.

Take it from someone who hit rock bottom with her health by only drinking coffee and toast...water, nutrients, movement, and sunshine are key.


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