Music Matters

5 Soothing Songs to Reduce Stress

If you’ve ever taken a Flourish barre class in-studio, you know the feeling.

After 50+ minutes of invigorating cardio and body-balancing moves, your instructor asks you to sit or lie down on your mat and relax with some stretching and deep breathing. Suddenly, the music shifts from high-energy tunes to soothing melodies, and your mindset shifts right along with it. No matter what you were feeling when you walked into class, you now feel calm and grounded, present in your body and connected to those around you.

A recent study by AudienceNet found that 69% of people listen to music to help them feel less stressed or anxious, and it’s easy to see why. Just like movement, music has the incredible ability to shift our energy, helping us let go of the negative and embrace the positive.

Here are our recommendations for songs to soothe the soul.

July, by Noah Cyrus

Falling, by Harry Styles

Next to you, by Little Big Town

Someone you loved, by Lewis Capaldi

Rainbow, by Kacey Musgraves


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