Recipe - Super Greens Energiser Boost

Maybe you're used to buying refreshing green juice at your favourite juice bar and are missing them more than ever? Maybe you've always been wanting to add them to your daily routine but didn't know how? Not to worry, we have you sorted!

Here is a recipe I put together that is 100% health in a glass! This combo is extremely refreshing, and not only has your organic greens, it also includes adaptogens to help the body naturally release toxins, provide natural energy, and hydrate with electrolytes.

Here’s a super refreshing combo:

Serves 2

1 lemon lime e+ shot
1/2 stick lemon lime hydrate
4 scoops mango cleanse
2 scoops organic greens

Ice & water and blend

Very refreshing and revitalising! Purchase all the ingredients here: https://liorasaad.isagenix.com...


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