Workshop: Sweat & Smoothies

Saturday 18 July at 9am

Come along to a fun workshop where we first enjoy a Barre Sweat class and then stick around for your own delicious smoothie!

Barre Sweat
High-intensity interval training at the barre. Barre Sweat is a step up from our regular Barre Basics class and is a great way to apply the technique you've been working hard on in your regular classes, to higher-intensity movements. The class is still low-impact but is designed to get the heart racing. (Intermediate-Advanced).

Who is this class for?
This class is designed for those our clients who are ready to take the next step with their barre fitness! It's more cardio-based, but still works through the basic movements you will find in our usual Barre Basics class.

Active members: $5 to include smoothie
New customers: $30 for class & smoothie

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