Workshop: Restorative Barre & Essential Oils

Friday 24 July at 6:15pm

Join us for a special evening where we enjoy a barre stretch class then sit around and learn about different essential oils and how to use them in your everyday life.

This luxurious 60 minute stretch class releases tired and tight muscles and calms the mind. We pause in the positions to encourage the muscles to fully release, lengthen and detoxify. We use different props and the ballet barre to assist and it's a great class to accompany your weekly barre class and leave you feeling open and calm.

Class begins with some basic barre moves and then transitions into a relaxing stretch class to wind up the week.

Who is this class for?
There are no prerequisites and all levels are welcome. This class is hugely complimentary to your other barre classes & extracurriculars and has a greater focus on lengthening and strengthening.

Current Members: $5 for workshop
New Customers: $30 for class & workshop

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