Warm weather means smoothie time

Starting with a solid foundation for good health

As the weather gets warmer the blends come back out and smoothies become a daily occurrence in many houses around the country.

Just like many things, the foundation of a good smoothie begins with a good source of protein. There are many out on the market so it's important to find one that you enjoy and can trust to be a healthy addition to your daily routine.

Our tips?

  • Find a protein that has some science to back it up, there are a lot of companies that have had big studies done to ensure they work. So before reaching for that supermarket brand do some homework.
  • Be sure you find one that tastes good! If you wouldn't have it as a shake then don't mix it into your smoothie. You'll end up adding a lot of ingredients to mask the taste which can result in many excess calories and dollars.
  • Find a protein meal replacement that already comes with other macros of fat and carbs. This means adding in less which again will help keep those calories at bay.
  • Go online and find some good recipe combos! 
  • Still confused by the endless possibilities - try one of these!


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