Wake-up Call

Five everyday habits that are zapping your energy - and how to stop them

A Messy Desk
Missed the memo on spring cleaning? Just on board. A US study found that when there are too many objects competing for your attention, your brain's ability to process information gets compromised.

Working Through Lunch
Swapping your break for an extra hour of work won't up your productivity. Research shows it'll only make you feel more tired at the end of the day.

Skipping Workouts
Sure, hitting the snooze will score you extra shut-eye, but you really should get up and moving. US scientists found that regular exercise can decrease feelings of fatigue.

Bad Posture
Did you know people feel tired and more depressed when they slouch? That's what a study in Biofeedback found, so keep a spring in your step, strut with an upright posture instead.

Saying Yes to Everything
So a life of saying no would be pretty boring, but if you're constantly saying yes at your own wellbeing's expense, it might be time to put your own needs first instead. 


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