Online Barre Options

Enjoy Barre from the comfort of your own home

We'd love to have you join us in person however we know that isn't always an option especially if you're not based in Cambridge or our timetable doesn't suit your needs. This is when online works best! 

Benefits of Online Classes
There are so many benefits of online barre including being fantastic for those coming back from injury or haven't done exercise for some time. 

Simply pause the class as many times as you need to suit your personal needs and then restart the video when it works for you. 
  • Minimal equipment needed
  • Substitutes always offered
  • Workouts are only 40 minutes
  • Great for all levels of fitness and age
  • On demand and live class options

Want to join us online but not sure what option is best for you?
Let's work together to find out what class and pricing option is best for your individual needs.

Casual Live Zoom Class
$10 for one-off live class

This is a great option if you just want to jump on from time to time and do a class live via Zoom. We currently offer an assortment of live classes a week. This option is great for those wanting accountability and a sense of community from home.

Online On Demand Membership
Online Recorded Classes
$18 per week

Unlimited access to our library with over 200 recorded barre classes. This option is fantastic for those who want access to all our prerecorded classes to do at any time that suits you.

Full Access Membership
Live & Online Recorded Classes
$30 per week

This is the creme of the crop option. This allows you to not only do our on demand classes but also lets you attend as many scheduled classes a week that you like. So if you want community and flexibility this is the answer!

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