Plant Potions

Ethically Sourced Essential Oils

Flourish is a proud retailer of the Plant Potions range. The story behind the products and hearing Lou speak so passionately about the items she hand crafts had us knowing instantly that it was a great fit for us and our community. 

At Plant Potions we use mostly organic, ethically sourced essential oils across our entire range of Inspirational, Plant Based, Scent Rituals.

Our intention is to spread illuminating light to enhance wellbeing with utmost respect to your pocket and our planet.

We create vibrational blends :

  • that have been designed with an awareness of the chakras (the energy centres within our bodies) 
  • that contain lunar-charged crystals in most of the bottles. 
  • that have a mantra associated with each I AM..

Our plant based scents are like a warm and loving embrace – mellow yet refined and full-bodied. Our Signature Scents are depicted by a positive affirmation.

About Louise
I am an inspirational leader of wellbeing and self care.

I create...

  • 4 amazing daughters
  • Plant Potions to enhance conscious breath, sound, smell and touch
  • Mindfulness programmes that invite us back into our true nature

I am a yoga student of 25 years and a teacher of 11, a trained actor and TV presenter who has lived on Waiheke Island for 17 years. I believe in music, magic and synchronicity - elements that landed me a part in Star Wars Episode 2 - one of my most fun life events to date. 

My aim as a female entrepreneur is create a platform for compassion, self worth and empowerment through this body of work.

You can purchase a wide range of Plant Potions products through our studio or online. We are also honoured to have Louise come to our studio for a special yoga class featuring her products and aligning the chakras. Purchase tickets here.


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