Cacao, Yin Savasana Sound Journey

Join us Sunday, 18 September

We are honoured to have Pam & Jock from Cura Couple visiting us for a very special Cacao  Yin Savansana session at Flourish.

Always been curious about Cacao Ceremonies (me too!):

Cacao ceremonies are specially arranged to foster the grounding and heart-opening properties of cacao. The goal is to communally uplift mood, increase vitality, and open the heart and intuition, along with other personal spiritual intentions.

Join us for a  nourishing experience of tranquility & grounding

Surrender to the healing hands of the sacred plant medicine of cacao, and soften into a gently guided yin experience. Sink deep within yourself during a restful savasana session, accompanied by multi-instrumental sound.


5 min: Cura Couple introduction & explanation of workshop details

30 min: Cacao Ceremony (Connecting to plant medicine/planting seed of intention)

1hr: Yin Yoga - A longer-held variety of postures used to release deeply stored emotion in the form of tension in the body.

25 min: Savasana - A soothing savasana session accompanied by essential oils, eye pillows, massage and adjustments, & multi-instrumental sound (crystal & Tibetan bowl, rain stick, koshi chimes)

5 min: Meditation to close

Book your mat here, $55 a person


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