How to access online classes

How to access your online barre membership

Firstly, a big high five to you for signing up to our online barre option! If you've signed up for our Online Classes Only Membership this will grant you access to all our classes on demand. If you've signed up for our Full Access Membership, this will give you access to all recorded classes and the live zoom classes on our schedule.

I've signed up, now what?
To access all your online class in our Content Library simply follow these easy directions:

  1. Log into your PunchPass Account
  2. Look for 'Content Library' in your top navigation
  3. Find a category you'd like to try:
    1. Barre Stretch
    2. Barre Basics
    3. Barre Sculpt
    4. Barre Sweat
  4. Pick a video and read the notes to see what props you'll need for that particular class
  5. Enjoy!

To learn more about our online classes, read the full description on our Online Barre page. Any other questions, just flick us a message and we'll get back to you soon!


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